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Don’t call her “ScarJo” because Scarlett Johansson really doesn’t like it, as she explains in one of the dueling magazine cover interviews she has this month.

“I associate that name with, like, pop stars,” she tells Glamour, where she shimmers in a metallic red jumpsuit for the May cover. “It sounds tacky. It’s lazy and flippant. And there’s something kind of violent about it. There’s something insulting about it.”

source: USAtoday.com

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While Scarlett Johansson has lived much of her life in the public eye, the blond beauty rarely opens up about her romantic life.
There’s no question the actress has had a string of high-profile relationships, including her marriage to actor Ryan Reynolds (who is now married to Blake Lively), which lasted for a brief two years before the former couple called it quits in 2010.

“I feel I know now more of what I need in a relationship, what I want in a relationship,” Glamour’s May cover girl tells the publication, opening up about her failed marriage to the Hollywood hunk. “And I know I have more tools to communicate, not just with my partner, but with myself.”

Still, the actress admits, “That’s not necessarily any reflection of who I was married to or what was happening in my marriage, but really where I was in my life.”
The Captain America: Winter Soldier star also stuns on the May cover of Vanity Fair, flaunting her famous cleavage in a plunging navy blue blouse while opening up about fiancé Romain Dauriac, with whom she is expecting her first child.
After dating a number of men in the biz, the stunner has settled down with the good-looking French journalist—a man whose profession is outside of the acting world—a fact which she finds incredibly refreshing.
“It is,” Johansson confessed when asked if it’s easier to date someone other than an actor, “but it’s more than that. We do different things. He’s in the whole art-scene world. So it’s nice, because we can enjoy each other’s worlds, but we don’t have our crazy conflicting schedules and all that other stuff to contend with.”

She added, “And, you know, of course, actors, in general, they’re obsessed with emotions. Although, he’s French, so he’s also probably overly into his emotions.”
As for how living in Paris has changed Scarlett’s sense of style?
“The nice thing about being in Paris is that you know everybody’s looking at what you’re wearing: You have an audience, you know? New York is about street style that’s functional. A Paris look is not functional!” she explained. “It doesn’t matter if your shoes are comfortable. Here [in New York] you can still wear your Nikes. In Paris you suck it up. You hobble around. Although my girlfriends in Paris and I decided we’re adopting the trend of athletic streetwear cause we got sick of it. I was like, ‘I am sick of not feeling my big toe after two hours of dancing!’”

source: eonline.com

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The ‘Captain America: The Winter Solider’ actress has opened up about her status as a sex symbol, insisting she doesn’t feel more in touch with her “sexuality” than anyone else.

She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper’s Notebook magazine: “I mean, I am only aware of it because I am reminded of it when people ask me questions like that, or I see a list of sexy people.

“But in normal life, I don’t think I am any more aware of my femininity or sexuality than any other woman, I don’t walk around feeling sensual.

“I think it’s probably a reaction to the fact that I’m curvy and confident about it.”

Despite her reputation as a Hollywood beauty, the 29-year-old star insisted she has moments where she is uncomfortable with her body.

She admitted: “Of course. I’m a girl. Aren’t we all like that when we wake up every day and go, ‘Oh God. What changed as I slept?’ ”

However, over the years Scarlett has got to know herself “better”, and feels like she is maturing.

She said: “I’m more comfortable with myself. I know myself better. And I think I’m more patient.

“I was in my teens just 10 years ago, so it’s a big transition. I feel like … I’m stepping into my adulthood now.”

source: nzcity.co.nz

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Scarlett Johansson believes it was “irresponsible” for Woody Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow to name actors and actresses in the letter Farrow published last month that accused Allen of molesting her when she was a child.
“I think it’s irresponsible to take a bunch of actors that will have a Google alert on and to suddenly throw their name into a situation that none of us could possibly knowingly comment on,” Johansson, who was one of the actresses Farrow mentioned by name, tells The Guardian. “That just feels irresponsible to me.”

In Farrow’s letter, which was published in the New York Times last month, she mentions such stars as Johansson, Cate Blanchett and Diane Keaton, who have worked with and praised the director. “Imagine your seven-year-old daughter being led into an attic by Woody Allen,” Farrow wrote. “Imagine she spends a lifetime stricken with nausea at the mention of his name. Imagine a world that celebrates her tormenter.”

Though many people have pledged their support for Farrow, Johansson tells The Guardian she’s “unaware that there’s been a backlash” against Allen since the letter’s publication. “I think he’ll continue to know what he knows about the situation, and I’m sure the other people involved have their own experience with it,” she says. “It’s all guesswork.”

Allen was never prosecuted based on Farrow’s claims, which first came to light in 1992. He has consistently maintained his innocence and wrote his own response to Farrow’s letter in the New York Times last month.
For her part, Johansson is opting to remain neutral. “I don’t know anything about it,” she tellsThe Guardian. “It would be ridiculous for me to make any kind of assumption one way or the other.”

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